Purchasing assistance and delivery

General Provisions

These terms and conditions apply to ordering products (hereinafter Goods) on the website www.eemeli.ee of Eemeli AS (hereinafter Eemeli) and the sale/purchase contract (hereinafter Contract), formed between Eemeli and the person ordering the Goods (hereinafter Customer) during the validity period of these terms and conditions.

Eemeli reserves the right to change the terms and conditions for orders, and price list due to the development of services and expanding the range of Goods.

By placing an order in the online store, the Customer confirms that (s)he agrees with the terms and conditions for orders, and agrees to be bound by them.

The prices in the online store are in euros and include VAT. The prices of the Goods indicated in the ordering environment do not include postage.

Eemeli reserves the right to adjust the prices of the Goods.

The Purchase Instructions shall be regarded as an Annex to the Contract.

Making A Purchase

The Customer’s shopping cart is created at the moment (s)he clicks on the “Add to Cart” button. After that it is possible to continue browsing, modifying the order, and adding products to the cart, or make a purchase.

The Goods in the cart can be viewed repeatedly by clicking on the name of the product already in the cart. You can remove products from the cart, or change their quantity.

After placing an order, the Customer will receive an invoice by e-mail and the opportunity to pay for the order immediately via a bank link (SEB, Swedbank), or in another way suitable for them (for example, in a bank branch, Internet bank). If the Goods were not paid for immediately at the time of ordering, the actual period for payment is 3 working days. If the bill is not paid within this period, the order will be considered cancelled automatically.

The sale/purchase Contract is considered concluded, and the order will be fulfilled for receipt within 3 working days of the date the Customer has paid the bill to Eemel’s bank account.

Until the amount is paid in full by the Customer, the Goods belong to the invoice issuer.

The seller has the right to withdraw from the Contract concluded via the e-store and not to deliver the ordered Goods in the following cases: the Goods have run out of stock; the price or features of the Goods have been displayed incorrectly in the e-store due to a system error.

Delivery And Receipt Of Goods

The Customer can choose between the delivery methods in Estonia, provided in the e-store, and to the recipient’s address entered by the Customer when placing the order.

To receive Goods, it is possible to choose between Itella SmartPost, Omniva, or DPD parcel terminals, and DPD and VENIPAK courier services.

It is also possible to pick up the Goods by the Customer in the shops in Jõhvi and Narva (free of charge).

When choosing Itella SmartPost, the Goods are sent to the nearest Itella SmartPost parcel terminal.

When choosing Omniva delivery service, the Goods are sent to the selected Omniva parcel terminal. When choosing a DPD service, the Goods are sent to the selected DPD parcel terminal. When selecting DPD or VENIPAK courier service, the Goods will be delivered to the recipient’s address specified by the Customer.

The amount of postage depends on the method of delivery indicated by the Customer in their order, and the weight/size of the Goods, which is seen when placing the order.

Order Fulfilment Time

The order will be processed and posted within 3 working days at the latest after full payment of the bill.

The deadline for fulfilling the order may be delayed if the Goods are currently out of stock. Otherwise, the Customer shall be contacted by phone or e-mail.

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